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Combining the disciplines

dumpark is an agency specialising in data science and data visualisation. Our passion is to turn data into a visual narrative to share and help understand complex information.
We enjoy data visualization, visual storytelling, infographics, interactive web applications & tools, data analysis, numerical modelling, software development, consulting, website design & programming, graphic design and illlustration.

In detail

  • Data


    The abundance of data introduces a wide range of applications to monitor and analyse our natural, social and economic environment. We are very enthusiastic in being part of a generation utilizing the endless possibilities of data science and modelling to understand our world, assist informed decision-making and provide sustainable solutions.

  • Technical


    From engaging web applications to scientific computer models, we love to apply and expand our technical expertise to meet new challenges. With the user's experience as our main principle we strive to produce beautiful and robust code. Technology is not there for its own good, but is regarded as a tool to understand and improve the human environment.

  • Visual


    Visual design is the interdisciplinary process of communicating information to help understand content of any kind. Based on background research and data analysis we structure and organise information to develop strong communication and design concepts. We are never afraid of stepping away from the known trails and find inspiration in unknown and hidden places.

We are...

  • Dmprk Laurent Lebreton

    Data Science

    Laurent Lebreton

    { happy analysing }

    Fascinated by mathematics, science, numbers, natural dynamics, information networks, modern physics, life science and also clouds, he never abandons before finding the solution to a riddle. He has developed mathematical algorithms for many topics such as oceanography, sedimentology, ecology, biology and meteorology.

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  • Dmprk TimoFranz

    Technical Development

    Timo Franz

    < solution finding >

    Programmer, dreamer, pathfinder in the thicket of information. He tries to put his skills to the test and to the cause and enjoys the outdoors. Previous work experience include applications in electronic data transfer, ocean science and the world wide web. His studies of Business Information Systems led him down the rabbit hole of market mechanisms and swarm intelligence.

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  • Dmprk EdithWoischin

    Visual Design

    Edith Woischin

    - deconstruction -

    Graphic designer and illustrator for print and digital media with a big heart for detail. She loves to develop ideas and conceptual designs with paper and pen and the usual suspects of the creative suite. Inspired by music, contemporary art and illustration, curbs, dirt in different forms, unevenness, discussions and dialogs.

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